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Galaxy Garage Door Service West Palm Beach, FL 561-990-1274Galaxy Garage Door Service is the area expert in garage door repair, installation, maintenance, and design. This breadth of experience allows us to confidently address any need that you have 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our services vehicles are on the streets of West Palm Beach, FLat all hours, which means that we will be ready to respond to your call. We encourage all customers to make a small investment in preventive maintenance to get the best possible performance from their garage door.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

Some people think that hiring an amateur garage door repair technician will save them money. That is true, at least for now. Unfortunately, the real expense comes when you need to hire another company such as West Palm Beach, FL to undo the damage from the first one. To avoid serious injury and unnecessary costs, make sure that you always work with licensed and experienced professionals.

Galaxy Garage Door Service has provided expert services to people in West Palm Beach for many years now. Neither of us would survive without the other. No matter what your need or when you request help, we guarantee you will be impressed by the experience and professionalism of our staff. We stock our service vehicle before your appointment to make sure we have everything we need so we don’t have to keep you waiting.

Garage Door Checkup

When one small part of a garage door system breaks down, it affects every other working part. That is because each part is highly dependent on the others for the garage door to work as it should. Routine maintenance enables us to identify and correct issues now that could be extremely problematic and expensive to fix later. The service technicians at West Palm Beach, FL report to every job with all of the tools they need to get to work right away.

When it comes to your garage door, proactive is much better than reactive. You don’t always want to be in response mode, which is what happens when you only pay attention to your garage door parts when they’re broken. After completing a basic check-up, your service technician will examine each component of the garage door that may fail at some point in the future. This includes the panels, hardware, springs, assembly, and much more.

At the conclusion of the installation appointment, your technician will prepare a written report on recommendations for future preventive maintenance. This is based on parts that are known to wear out as well as the features of your new door. We recommend scheduling a check-up for your garage door at least once a year but preferably twice.

Off-Track Garage Door

The track on a garage door is what enables it to go up and down upon command. When the wheels connected to the top of the door come off the track, it renders the entire door inoperable. Most doors are too heavy for people to lift on their own, especially several times each day. A garage door can go off-track for many reasons, although the most typical one is a busted cable. This happens when the cable suddenly gives way after many years of consistent performance. Moisture and extremely hot or cold temperatures can cause this to happen, as can contact with a foreign object. Garage doors typically have off-track problems on only one side, but that doesn’t mean that the other side will work as it should. The electric eye of a garage door is the part that detects objects that shouldn’t be there as the door rises and lowers. An off-track situation can happen when the electric eye malfunctions. Yet another reason this occurs is when something collides with the garage door. In any case, it can be extremely inconvenient and dangerous when it does happen. Fortunately, Galaxy Garage Door Service is available 24 hours a day to fix track problems.